Invictus School, Shenzhen

Singapore Invictus Kindergarten School was founded by Invictus Kindergarten School (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., adhering to the mission of enabling more Chinese families to enjoy a world-class elite education that combines Chinese and Western culture. It is an independent international kindergarten offering its own unique education. 

Invictus Kindergarten School provides a combination of Chinese and Western curriculum training system, serving children aged 1.5-6, by exploring their superior intelligence to cultivate their future competencies: character shaping, artistic perception, critical thinking, leadership, communication, and creativity Strength and collaboration. 

The flagship campus of Invictus Kindergarten School Nanshan is located in Jixianglong Garden, Shenzhen Bay, Nanshan, the core area of ​​Shenzhen. It is designed by the prestigious British Royal Architect Mr. Fan Tie. The design concept revolves around future education, where children initiate the learning activities, and the design is intricate. A space of integration, a flexible and movable environment, an open and transparent environment, and an ecological campus community full of science and technology, creating a borderless learning community and a childlike space.